Crystal Properties Index

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7 Chakras Stones:

Embark on a holistic healing journey with the 7 Chakras Stones, a vibrant collection carefully aligned to each energy center. Placing these stones on their respective chakras initiates a harmonious flow, saturating your entire being with balanced and healing energy. The synergy of these stones not only rejuvenates the body but also radiates a profound love and light into your aura, fostering overall well-being.Indulge in chakra-specific meditation to unlock the unique potentials of each stone. Experience the grounding energy of red jasper on the root chakra and the intuitive wisdom of amethyst on the crown.

Abalone Shell:

Discover the magic of the Abalone Shell, once the home of sea creatures, now a conduit for stimulating intuition, imagination, adaptability, and sensitivity. Beyond its mesmerizing appearance, the shell provides profound insights during decision-making and fosters cooperation between self and others, infusing your life with the wisdom of the ocean.

Harness the Abalone Shell's cleansing properties by using it to charge other stones. Its gentle energy resonates well with meditation and spiritual practices.

African Turquoise: 

A very efficient healer. Increases physical & spiritual communication. Releases inhibitions, allowing the soul to express itself again. Protects against & dispels negative energy. Balancing, promoting self-realization & assists creative problem solving. Instills inner calm while remaining alert.


Step into tranquility with Agate, a calming and grounding stone that brings balance to all facets of life. Overcoming the bitterness of the heart, Agate promotes self-acceptance, confidence, and resilience in the face of emotional trauma. Its protective embrace creates a haven of safety and security, nurturing spiritual growth and inner stability.

Explore the diverse varieties of Agate, each offering unique attributes. Botswana Agate, for instance, enhances creativity and brings a sense of calm.



Immerse yourself in the soothing energy of Amazonite, a stone that calms the mind and nervous system. It alleviates emotional trauma, dispels worry, fear, and aggravation, and enhances mental clarity by filtering and combining information with intuition. Amazonite's radiant energy manifests universal love and dispels negativity.

Place Amazonite on your throat chakra for enhanced communication from higher realms and a profound connection to your spiritual purpose.



Bask in the warm glow of Amber, a stone that allows the body to heal itself and calms the nerves. As a powerful protector, Amber manifests desires into reality and activates unconditional love. Embrace its stabilizing influence, promoting a positive mental state, creativity, and patience.

Amber's connection to ancient life makes it an excellent companion for past-life regression or ancestral work.



Experience the potent healing, cleansing, and protective energy of Amethyst. This stone brings inner strength, emotional stability, and transcends negative emotions, compulsions, and addictions. Amethyst fosters flexibility, cooperation, motivation, and a meditative, calming, and balancing presence.

Amplify the spiritual connection by placing Amethyst on your third eye during meditation or using it in dreamwork.



Engage with the harmonious fusion of Amethyst and Citrine in Ametrine. This stone clears stress, sharpens focus, and encourages creative exploration. Ametrine releases blockages and brings clarity, harmonizing perception and action for balanced decision-making.

Ametrine is a powerful companion for those seeking clarity in their life's direction. Use it during times of decision-making for enhanced insight.



Connect with the ancient energy of Ammonite, a fossilized cephalopod that brings structure, clarity, and transformation. Placed on the third eye, it releases mental obsessions and provides stability, making it a powerful karmic cleanser.

Harness Ammonite's protective energy to bring stability and structure to your life. Its spiral shape symbolizes evolution and positive energy flow.


Angel Phantom Quartz:

Elevate your spiritual experience with Angel Phantom Quartz, fostering a connection to the highest realms. This ethereal stone attunes to the universal mind, offering a detached perspective on life, deep love, and the capacity to act from a place of profound inner peace.

Meditate with Angel Phantom Quartz to deepen your connection with guardian angels and gain insights into your spiritual journey.



Facilitate contact with the angelic realm through Angelite, a serene stone that enhances communication, enables out-of-body journeys, and deepens attunement. Angelite promotes compassionate expression, understanding, and a deeper grasp of mathematical concepts.

Use Angelite during meditation to gain insights into your life's purpose and connect with celestial beings for guidance.


Apatite - The Stone of Manifestation & Inspiration: 

Apatite not only serves as the Stone of Manifestation and Inspiration but also increases motivation. It has the unique ability to ease sorrow, anger, and confusion, overcoming emotional exhaustion. This crystal clears frustration, endorses passion without guilt, and connects to a very high level of spiritual guidance. Apatite is a powerful aid for communication and self-expression on all levels.


Apophyllite - The Stress Reducer: Beyond being an effective stress reducer, Apophyllite brings a calming influence to anxiety, worries, and fears. It introduces a reflective aspect that allows for the recognition of behavior and attitudes. Placing Apophyllite on the third eye stimulates intuitive vision and elevates the energy in any space.


Aquamarine - The Stone of Courage: 

Apart from being the Stone of Courage, Aquamarine promotes the overcoming of judgmentalism. It encourages taking responsibility for oneself and cultivates an upright and persistent personality. This crystal calms emotions and minds, clears the throat chakra for elevated communication, and is useful for closure on various levels.


Aragonite - Grounding Physical Energy:

 Aragonite's primary function is grounding physical energy and serving as a stress-relieving tool. It gently guides individuals to explore the past, bringing patience and acceptance. Aragonite encourages discipline and reliability, combating oversensitivity, and helping to concentrate on the matter at hand.


Arfvedsonite - The Manifestation Aid:

 Arfvedsonite aids not only in spiritual growth and manifestation but also in reorganizing and restructuring one's life. Placed on the third eye, it enhances intuition and provides reassurance, lifting individuals from a depressed state to see hope and joy in the future.



Astrophyllite - The Star Leaf: 

Derived from Greek words meaning "star" and "leaf," Astrophyllite facilitates astral travel and offers a method for viewing oneself from the outside. It emphasizes that there are no limitations, and as one door closes, another opens. Astrophyllite can be used for regeneration at the cellular level.


Aura Obsidian - Vibrant Energy Activator: 

Obsidian bonded with Gold & Titanium, forming Aura Obsidian, produces a vivid multi-colored metallic stone. This crystal not only activates all energy centers for the Life Force to manifest throughout the subtle bodies, bringing in vibrant energy and a zest for life. Energizing quickly and with strength, Aura Obsidian serves as a powerful ally in maintaining high energy levels.


Aura Quartz - Lifter of Mood and Spirit:

 Heated with precious metals to achieve its vivid multi-colored metallic look, Aura Quartz uplifts mood and spirits. It dissolves anger, induces a peaceful state, and facilitates contact with spirit guides and angelic realms. This crystal attunes individuals to their spiritual purpose, fostering awareness of love energy from higher realms and filling one with love and unconditional love.


Aventurine - Heart Protector:

 Aventurine acts as a shield, protecting the heart and providing defense against those who wish to use one's energy. It stabilizes the state of mind, calming anger and irritation. Aventurine diffuses negative situations, encourages alternative perspectives, and brings comfort and healing to the heart.


Azurite - Third Eye Stimulator: 

Azurite is a potent cleanser and stimulator of the third eye, raising consciousness to higher levels. It facilitates safe out-of-body journeys, expands the mind by bringing clear understanding and new perspectives, and releases long-standing blocks in communication while stimulating memory.

Banded Amethyst - Intuitive Vision Enhancer: 

Considered one of the best third-eye stimulators, Banded Amethyst enhances inner intuitive vision and out-of-body experiences. It powerfully repels and dissipates negative energy, cleanses the aura, and establishes a robust healing field. Meditating with Banded Amethyst helps find and implement positive solutions to problems.


Baryte - Personal Freedom and Empowerment: 

Baryte is associated with personal freedom and accepting one's power. It provides a sense of security and comfort, easing anxiety. This crystal releases fear and toxic attachments, behaviors, patterns, and beliefs. Baryte promotes changes necessary to align with one's highest path and facilitates access to higher-dimensional realms through dreams and meditation.


Beryl - Purity and Courage: 

Beryl teaches the art of doing only what needs to be done. It is excellent for dealing with stressful situations and shedding unnecessary baggage. Representing purity of being, Beryl helps actualize potential, enhances courage, and calms the mind.


Bixbyite - Rare Spiritual Stimulator: 

A manganese iron oxide mineral forming in small isometric cubes, Bixbyite is rare and popular among collectors. Beyond enhancing intuition, imagination, adaptability, and spirituality, it soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges, and re-motivates.


Bismuth - Crystal of Transformation: 

As a naturally occurring element forming beautiful crystal shapes with rainbow colors, Bismuth is a stone of transformation and change. It helps adapt with calm assurance, relieves loneliness or isolation, and encourages cohesiveness. Bismuth is beneficial for group dynamics and relationship harmony.


Black Agate - Spiritual Grounding: 

Black Agate provides grounding while maintaining a connection to the spiritual realm. Stimulating inspiration and vibrating to the number 7, it brings luck. During periods of grief or sadness, it transforms negativity into light, aiding in remaining calm and moving forward during stressful times.


Black Calcite - Powerful Meditative Aid: 

Black Calcite is potent during meditation and astral travel. It removes negativity from the body and aura, creating a force field of light that deflects and protects. Grounding yet gentle, its higher frequency promotes physical and energetic healing by reaching deep into the past and the soul.


Black Kyanite - Meridian Clearer: 

Black Kyanite swiftly clears meridians and aligns chakras, stabilizing the energy field after clearing or transformation. It cuts through ignorance, opens individuals to spiritual and psychological truth, and reveals their role in creating causes and the necessary balance.


Bloodstone - Stone of Courage: 

Bloodstone instills courage and teaches how to avoid dangerous situations. It directs spiritual energies, heightens intuition, and boosts creativity. An excellent grounding and protective stone, it keeps out undesirable influences, banishes evil and negativity, stimulates dreams, and serves as a powerful revitalizer.


Blue Calcite - Gentle Recuperator: 

Blue Calcite is a gentle stone for recuperation and relaxation. It dissolves pain on all levels, soothes nerves, and lifts anxieties while releasing negative emotions. Aiding clear communication, especially in conflict situations, it absorbs, filters, and returns energy to benefit the sender.


Blue Chalcedony - Creative Harmony:

 Blue Chalcedony is a creative stone that helps the mind assimilate new ideas. It relieves negative thoughts, emotions, hostility, and irritability, fostering light-heartedness and an optimistic outlook. It harmonizes body, mind, emotions, and spirit, easing self-doubt and allowing constructive inward reflection.


Blue Lace Agate - Calming Expression: 

Blue Lace Agate is a calming stone that neutralizes anger. It counteracts the repression of feelings due to fear of judgment, assisting in verbal expression of thoughts and feelings. Bringing a spiritual vibration and deep peace, it clears the throat chakra.


Blue Quartz - Tranquil Spiritual Insight: 

Blue Quartz is excellent for working on the throat and third eye chakras. This tranquil stone aids in understanding one's spiritual nature, bringing mental clarity, organization, and self-discipline. It calms the mind, alleviates fear, inspires hope, and stimulates creativity.


Blue Tiger's Eye - Insightful Balancer: 

Blue Tiger's Eye facilitates clear and insightful expression while promoting heightened intuition. It aids in reducing stress, anxiety, and fear, encouraging a sense of calm and inner strength. Providing a balance between practicality and spiritual insight, it becomes a cherished companion on the journey of self-discovery and personal growth.


Bodhi Tree Nut - Symbol of Awakening: 

Sacred to Buddhists and Hindus, the Bodhi Tree nut represents awakening, supreme knowledge, the ultimate potential within all of us, and peace. It carries the ancient symbolism of Buddha's enlightenment under a large fig tree.


Brass - Inner Truth and Immunity: 

Brass brings out natural goodness and inner truth. It strengthens the immune system, increases energy, and instills courage. Crafted using old techniques and original designs, Brass holds cultural significance for the Gurung family, who, having left Tibet due to Chinese occupation, continue their heritage in Nepal.


Brecciated Jasper - Grounding Stability: 

Brecciated Jasper is an excellent aid for keeping feet on the ground and attaining emotional stability. It draws excess energy away from the mind, promoting mental clarity. Using it as a worry stone capitalizes on its calming and nurturing properties.

Calcite - Motivation Enhancer:

 Calcite increases motivation and hope, transforming ideas into action. As a stabilizing stone, it enhances self-trust and the ability to overcome setbacks. It speeds up spiritual development, converting emotional stress into serenity and calming the mind. Placing Calcite in a room cleanses negative energies from the environment.


Candle Quartz - Ancient Magic: 

Candle Quartz, believed to be one of the most ancient quartz varieties, exudes magical energy. It is ideal for gardens or house plants, bringing a meditative state and insight. Gazing upon it helps introspection, self-discovery, and the clarification of issues by transforming uncertainty into hope.


Carborundum - Chakra Balancer: 

Carborundum balances all seven chakras, shining a light into all areas of life to relieve stress and lift depression. This gentle grounder calms, shields, and protects, allowing inner expansion in an orderly and organized manner while absorbing chaotic thoughts.


Carnelian - Reality Anchor: 

Carnelian anchors individuals in present reality with its stabilizing high energy. It motivates and stimulates creativity, cleanses other stones, promotes courage, and aids in making positive life choices. Carnelian helps develop a positive attitude, looking forward optimistically while assisting in problem-solving.


Celadonite Phantom Quartz - Gentle Healer: 

Celadonite Phantom Quartz is an excellent healer, working gently to bring peace, wisdom, and harmony into one's life. It aids in communicating with spirit guides and fosters a sense of nurturing and innocence, symbolically connected to the "garden of Eden." It excels in releasing deep-seated hurt and resentment, promoting forgiveness.


Celestite - Divine Purity: 

Celestite is filled with divine energy and promotes purity of the heart. It attracts good fortune, brings infinite peace, and urges towards openness. This crystal helps cool fiery emotions, aids in the analysis of complex ideas, jumpstarts spiritual development, dissolves pain, and replaces it with love.


Charoite - Coping with Change: 

Charoite aids in coping with profound change at a spiritual level. It provides deep physical and emotional healing, helping individuals accept the present moment as perfect. Charoite releases deep fears and is useful for overcoming resistance or gaining perspective. It is employed to overcome compulsions and obsessions.


Chiastolite (Cross Stone) - Conflict Transformer: 

Chiastolite, also known as Cross Stone, is a powerfully protective and creative crystal. It dispels negative thoughts and feelings, transmutes conflict into harmony, aids in problem-solving and change, and is linked to death and rebirth. Chiastolite dissolves illusion, calms fear, and attunes individuals to their soul's purpose.


Chlorite - Positive Healing Force: 

Chlorite is a powerful and positive healing stone, whether worn, carried, or placed in the environment. It grids an area against negative energies or entities and serves as a pain reliever and purifier. Chlorite cleanses auras, chakras, and meridians, attacking anger, hostility, and stubbornness.


Chrysocolla - Communicative Balance: 

Chrysocolla aids communication and discerns when to keep silent. It promotes acceptance of constantly changing situations, invoking great inner strength. At home, it draws off negative energy of any kind, heals heartaches, and increases the capacity to love.


Chrysocolla with Malachite - Versatile Healer: 

Chrysocolla with Malachite is an extremely versatile healing stone. It's tranquil, stabilizing, and sustaining, helping individuals accept change with serenity. This crystal facilitates deep emotional healing, balances heart energies, imparts confidence and sensitivity, enhances personal power, alleviates guilt, and brings joy.


Chrysoprase - Truth and Hope: 

Chrysoprase promotes the love of truth and instills hope. It draws out talents and creativity, creating openness to new situations. Non-egotistical in nature, Chrysoprase aligns ideals with behavior, overcomes compulsive and impulsive thoughts and actions, heals codependence, supports independence, and encourages commitment.


Citrine - Energy Transmuter: 

Citrine transmutes negative energy into light and teaches how to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity, success, and all good things. It releases negative traits, fears, and feelings at the deepest levels, raising self-esteem and self-confidence. Citrine helps develop a positive attitude, looking forward optimistically, and assists in problem-solving.


Cobalto Calcite - Unconditional Love: 

Cobalto Calcite symbolizes unconditional love and forgiveness. It emits pure compassionate love, a profoundly nurturing energy. This crystal is great for emotional healing, self-discovery, loneliness, grief, or a broken heart. It calms intense feelings, assists in loving oneself, and promotes a sense of feeling good about life.


Coral - Emotional Quieter: 

Coral quiets emotions and brings peace within the self. It establishes a connection to the spiritual masters of this world, expedites and accelerates the transfer of knowledge, opens the base chakra, and stimulates the energetic pursuit of predetermined goals. Coral protects against depression and is used to stimulate tissue regeneration.


Creedite - Third Eye Activator: 

Creedite activates the third eye and crown chakras almost immediately, clearing and linking to higher consciousness. During meditation, it can open and activate the heart to high vibrational frequencies, drawing divine light into the heart through the upper chakras and into daily life. Creedite brings inner peace and replenishes the aura.


Crystal Skulls - Amplifiers of Intention: 

Crystal Skulls are believed by various cultures to be powerful tools that awaken human consciousness. They intensify and amplify the power of intention, enhancing the properties inherent in each stone. Real growth experiences come from thinking and learning for oneself.

Danburite - Path Clearer: 

Danburite emits very pure vibrations, working on the heart and clearing the path ahead. This powerful healing stone elevates individuals to a high state of consciousness, accessing inner guidance. Danburite acts as a karmic cleanser, initiating the soul into a new direction. It is excellent for bringing about deep change and leaving the past behind.


Dendrite Agate - Abundance Attractor: 

Dendrite Agate brings abundance and fullness to all areas of life. It creates a peaceful environment, both inner and outer, encouraging the enjoyment of the moment. Dendrite Agate facilitates remaining centered in times of strife or confusion and lends perseverance and the ability to see difficulties as challenges.


Dinosaur Bone Fossil - Communicator of Realities:

 Dinosaur Bone Fossil, found locally in Moab, Utah, enhances communication between present reality, prior worlds, and other current ones. It instills quality and excellence in one's environment, dispenses old programming and schedules, and opens individuals to being receptive and perceptive of fresh innovative forces.


Diopside - Appreciation of Life: 

Diopside shows how to appreciate life and recognize one's true gifts without being overwhelmed or burdened by them. It supports following intuition, enhances the ability to sense, releases grief by teaching it's healthy to let it go, and emphasizes the value of trust and forgiveness. Diopside assists in reconciling with anyone or anything that has ever hurt you.


Drusy Petrified Wood (Extremely Rare) - Transformation and Insight:

Drusy Petrified Wood, hailed as the "transformation stone," offers profound insights and advancements to the chosen highest level. This crystal brings strength to all facets of life, offering information about past lives and supporting during crises. It becomes a guide, providing insights into the lessons to be learned, ensuring that they are understood and not repeated.


Dumortierite - Self-Empowerment: 

Dumortierite teaches how to stand up for oneself and take control of one's life. This crystal increases the level of patience, is stimulating to the brain, and enhances intellectual abilities. Dumortierite aids accuracy in interpreting information while meditating and supports all mental skills.

Edenite - Embracing Rare Nurturing Energies:

Edenite, an exceptionally rare crystal, exhibits a unique green rutilation with internal fibers. Beyond its rarity, this stone is renowned for its potent healing properties, guiding individuals to discover their life's purpose. It imparts a sense of nurturing and innocence, drawing parallels to the metaphorical "garden of Eden." Proficient in releasing deep-seated hurt and resentment, Edenite becomes a catalyst for promoting forgiveness, fostering emotional healing.

Elestial Quartz - Synchronizing Heart and Intellect:

Elestial Quartz, a remarkable crystal, harmonizes the heart and intellect. By encouraging introspection, it helps individuals rediscover the enduring presence of love within themselves. This crystal facilitates an awareness of the immortality of the spirit, offering insights into one's past, present, and future existence. Aligned with universal wisdom, Elestial Quartz becomes an aid in the art of communication, fostering a deeper connection to profound truths.

Emerald - Inspiring Patience and Unity:

Emerald, recognized as the stone of inspiration and infinite patience, brings forth qualities crucial for harmonious partnerships and friendships. It stimulates cooperation, understanding, and unity, fostering an environment of unconditional love. By opening the heart chakra, Emerald calms turbulent emotions, eliminates negativity, and instills positive actions. It serves as a beacon of strength, guiding individuals to overcome the challenges of life.

Etched Singing Bowl - Harmonizing Sacred Vibrations:

Etched Singing Bowls, adorned with Nepali designs and sacred imprints, hold a profound vibrational energy. Utilized for centuries, these bowls gather and direct healing energy. The sacred imprints within intensify the vibrations, creating a heightened resonance. Beyond their melodic quality, these bowls become conduits for focused healing energy, aligning with spiritual practices.

Faden Quartz - Strength Amid Trauma:

Faden Quartz emerges as a potent healer, particularly adept at addressing both new and lingering trauma. It imparts the strength needed to persevere, fostering self-love and healing from trust issues. This crystal enhances self-healing and personal growth, guiding individuals through conflicts and restoring equilibrium. Faden Quartz becomes a source of resilience in the face of life's challenges.

Fire Agate - Rooted Security and Spiritual Fortitude:

Fire Agate, known for firing up the root chakra, establishes a deep connection to the earth, providing a sense of safety and security. Its robust grounding powers offer support during difficult times, creating a protective shield around the body. Beyond grounding, Fire Agate fosters spiritual fortitude, aiding in relaxation and making it conducive to meditation.

Fire Quartz (Extremely Rare) - Bridging Spiritual and Physical Realms:

Fire Quartz, an extremely rare variant adorned with red or black dots of hematite and titanium, energizes the physical body. It serves as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, facilitating access to higher spiritual levels. With a focus on the heart's understanding and power, Fire Quartz brings deep insights and a profound connection between the spiritual and physical self.

Flower of Life - Blueprint of Creation:

The Flower of Life, a sacred symbol formed by seven overlapping circles, represents the fundamental blueprint of creation. Beyond its geometric elegance, this symbol encapsulates the unity of existence. It is considered the basic design for all forms of life, containing the intricate patterns found in atoms, molecules, and all aspects of existence. The Flower of Life serves as a profound reminder of the interconnectedness of all things.

Fluorite - Mental Clarity and Emotional Stability:

Fluorite, renowned as a great study stone, extends its influence beyond academia. It cleanses, purifies, and reorganizes the body, promoting self-confidence and concentration. With a unique ability to absorb and filter energy, Fluorite aids in quick thinking and emotional stability. It becomes a protective and stabilizing force, fostering clarity amid chaos and expanding one's perspective.

Fossil (Dinosaur Teeth) - Bridging Realities and Enhancing Quality:

Fossilized dinosaur teeth act as conduits for enhancing communication between present reality, ancient worlds, and current existence. Beyond their historical connection, these fossils instill qualities of excellence and quality in one's environment. They serve as catalysts for shedding outdated programming and schedules, opening individuals to innovative forces and perspectives.

Ganesh - Manifesting Powers and Removing Obstacles:

Ganesh, a highly revered deity, symbolizes the manifestation of inner powers. As the remover of obstacles, invoking Ganesh's grace is a customary practice before undertaking any task. This deity, associated with good fortune and prosperity, embodies the wisdom that combines immense strength with discernment. Ganesh serves as a reminder of the latent powers within each individual.

Garden Quartz - Grounding and Spiritual Connection:

Garden Quartz, a powerful grounding stone, holds significance in healing and meditation practices. It is renowned for clearing negativity by redirecting it back into the Earth, where it dissipates naturally. Beyond grounding, Garden Quartz establishes connections with spirit guides, grounding the spirit and fostering a deeper spiritual connection.

Garnet - Revitalizing and Balancing Energies:

Garnet, a crystal that revitalizes, purifies, and balances energy, emerges as a source of both serenity and passion. It exerts control over anger, fortifying the survival instinct and instilling courage in challenging situations. Sharpening perception and promoting the release of old ideas, Garnet becomes a guide to letting go and embracing new beginnings.

Garnierite - Refreshing Perspectives and Uplifting Spirits:

Garnierite, with its light and caring essence, refreshes perspectives and uplifts spirits. Acting as an acquisition stone, it propels individuals toward their sought-after goals. Particularly beneficial for those who have made significant progress but need that extra push toward the finish line, Garnierite becomes a beacon of encouragement.

Girasol (Blue Opal) - Communication and Visioning:

Girasol, also known as Blue Opal, stimulates communication skills and the articulation of thoughts. Its influence extends to creativity and ingenuity, especially in connecting with others. Used to activate the "third eye," Girasol enhances visioning capabilities. This crystal provides clear reflections and solutions to areas of concern and has been utilized to alleviate fatigue.

Golden Quartz - Confidence, Creativity, and Focus:

Golden Quartz, known for enhancing self-confidence and creativity, proves instrumental in bringing success to business and ventures. This crystal, acting as a deep soul cleanser, establishes connections between the physical dimension and the mind. In meditation, Golden Quartz filters out distractions, promoting focus and empowerment at all levels.

Goldstone - Energizing and Transmuting Negativity:

Goldstone, a type of glittering glass infused with copper, is believed to carry the healing qualities of copper. It is thought to generate and revitalize energy fields, transmit positivity, and block negative energy. Blue Goldstone, where cobalt and copper are switched, results in a more silvery crystal matrix in an iconic colored background.

Green Calcite - Mental Healing and Positive Transitions:

Green Calcite, renowned as a mental healer, transforms ideas into action. It aids in communication and transitions from stagnant to fresh and positive energy. This crystal calms the mind, imparts discernment and analysis, stimulates insight, and boosts memory, making it an excellent study stone. Green Calcite dissolves old programming and beliefs, restoring balance to the mind.

Green Tourmaline - Nurturing Balance and Creativity:

Green Tourmaline, a nurturing stone, brings balance and a joyful appreciation of life. It rejuvenates and inspires creativity while transforming negative energies into positive ones. Dispelling fear, it promotes openness and patience, opening the heart chakra to foster compassion, tenderness, and a sense of belonging. An excellent healing crystal, it proves helpful in visualization practices.

Green Zebra Jasper - Determination, Motivation, and Perseverance:

Green Zebra Jasper, heralded as the stone of determination, motivation, and facing challenges, recharges energy and encourages the completion of endeavors. Grounding individuals by connecting deeply to the Earth, it lends emotional support, strengthening self-control. With its slow and steady vibration, Green Zebra Jasper helps avoid extremes and cultivates perseverance.

Healing Wand - Ancient Tool for Energy Direction:

Healing wands, used by healers across civilizations, serve as conduits for gathering and directing energy. These wands channel energy to specific areas of the body, aiding in healing. Whether recovering from surgery or seeking energetic balance, the healing wand becomes an ancient tool connecting the healer, the crystal, and the recipient.

Hematite - Dissolving Negativity and Boosting Willpower:

Hematite, known for its ability to dissolve negative energy, acts as a powerful shield against its entry into the aura. It boosts self-esteem, survivability, and willpower. Effective at grounding, protecting, and harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit, Hematite assists in overcoming compulsions, addictions, and various forms of overindulgence. Its benefits extend to legal situations.

Hemimorphite - Responsibility and Ego-less Self-Confidence:

Hemimorphite invites individuals to take responsibility for their happiness or unhappiness. It supports the growth toward ego-less self-confidence and self-respect, alleviating aggravations and helping avoid repetitive negative situations. Endowed with an essence that brings "luck," Hemimorphite aids in personal transformation and evolution, offering insights into knowing oneself.

Herkimer Diamond - Energizing Creativity and Promoting Unity:

Herkimer Diamond, characterized by its energizing properties, enlivens creativity and promotes unity. It stimulates clairvoyance, spiritual vision, telepathy, dream recall, and understanding. This crystal possesses the unique ability to attune people and link them even when physically apart. Beyond its spiritual influence, Herkimer Diamond eliminates stress and tension from the body.

Honey Calcite - Supportive Energy for Challenges:

Honey Calcite emerges as a supportive force, assisting individuals in overcoming challenges associated with change. It brings extra motivation, especially beneficial for long-term projects and goals. Excellent for meditation, Honey Calcite facilitates connections with higher mental planes. Its influence extends to changing thoughts of low self-esteem, overcoming depression, and dispelling melancholy.

Howlite - Calming the Mind and Spiritual Preparation:

Howlite, an extremely calming stone, acts as a bridge to spiritual dimensions, preparing the mind for wisdom. It formulates both spiritual and material ambitions, aiding in their achievement. Howlite helps eliminate rage, whether directed inward or outward, and overcomes a tendency for criticalness. It serves as a reliever of insomnia and a promoter of mental and emotional balance.

Hypersthene - Rapid Solutions and Energy Direction:

Hypersthene holds the remarkable ability to prompt rapid solutions to problems. It combats irritability and criticalness while providing a conduit for accessing information from the spiritual realm. This crystal opens doors to unlimited opportunities and maintains relationships, both in business and personal spheres. Directed energy results in desired outcomes, making Hypersthene a versatile and effective crystal.

Icelandic Calcite - Facilitating New Beginnings and Clarity:

Icelandic Calcite, a stone of new beginnings, induces a significant shift from old thought patterns. It fosters deep soul healing and revitalization, amplifying learning abilities and bringing clarity. This crystal has the capacity to clear and activate all chakras, making it an indispensable tool for those seeking clarity and inner peace.

Iron Septaria - Grounding and Abundance:

Iron Septaria, recognized as a great grounding stone, is often referred to as healing shields. It facilitates rapid healing for the body, promoting openness and receptivity to abundance. Used for communication and understanding, Iron Septaria brings balance to mental and emotional states. Additionally, it aids in banishing nightmares, fostering mental and emotional equilibrium.

Jade - Dream Manifestation and Emotional Balance:

Jade, revered as a dream stone, creates a safe space for releasing repressed emotions through the dream process. Beyond its connection to dreams, Jade attracts good luck and friendship, increasing love and nurturing. This stone stabilizes the personality, promotes self-sufficiency, and encourages individuals to embrace their true selves with simplicity and confidence.

Jasper - Shamanic Journeys and Grounded Protection:

Jasper, renowned for facilitating shamanic journeys and dream recall, stands as a guardian stone that absorbs negative energy. It cleanses the aura, protects personal energy, and grounds spiritual energies. Jasper's support extends to necessary conflicts, aiding individuals in dealing with problems assertively and encouraging self-honesty. This crystal enhances quick thinking, organization, and the commitment to seeing things through.

Kambaba Jasper - Nurturing Strength and Heart Opening:

Kambaba Jasper, a stone of nurturing energies, provides strength for those in despair. It encourages opening the heart to self-love and love for others, increasing the ability to receive love in return. Kambaba Jasper offers comfort and protection, calming troubled minds and restoring balance to the body and spirit.

Kunzite - Overcoming Inhibition and Emotional Blockages:

Kunzite emerges as a guide in overcoming feelings of inferiority, inhibition, and depression. It exerts a calming effect on the heart, fostering acceptance of situations beyond one's control. This crystal removes emotional blockages, especially those rooted in childhood stress and trauma. It serves as a catalyst for resolving and dissolving buried experiences of deep emotional stress, paving the way for emotional healing.

Kyanite - Manifesting Spiritual Energy in Thought:

Kyanite, with its unique properties, helps manifest spiritual energy in thought. It connects individuals with spirit guides, facilitates dream recall, and promotes healing dreams. Kyanite's influence extends to cutting through fear, anger, illusion, negativity, stress, frustration, and confusion. Encouraging self-expression and communication, this crystal becomes a guide in understanding one's role in creating their reality.

Labradorite - Protection Through Change and Truth Revelation:

Labradorite, a crystal providing protection and aiding in transformation, proves invaluable during times of change. It calms anxiety, stress, and grounds spiritual energies. Labradorite's power lies in revealing the truth behind illusions, banishing fear and insecurities. Strengthening faith in oneself and trust in the universe, Labradorite facilitates the removal of projections taken on from others.

Lapis Lazuli - Illuminating Truth and Enlightenment:

Lapis Lazuli, a protective stone, acts as a conduit to spirit guardians. Beyond its protective nature, it empowers individuals to take charge of their lives, swiftly releasing stress and fostering deep peace. This stone confronts truth and facilitates acceptance, serving as a powerful thought amplifier. Lapis Lazuli stimulates not only spiritual power but also personal power and enlightenment, providing self-awareness, objectivity, and clarity.Lapis Lazuli has been historically revered for enhancing intellectual abilities, making it a symbol of wisdom and truth. It's associated with the third eye chakra, promoting intuitive insight and self-discovery.


Larimar - Nurturing Courage and Clarity:

Larimar, a cooling stone, has the remarkable ability to calm fears, relieve stress, and nurture emotions. Beyond its calming properties, it encourages clear communication, empowering individuals to speak from the heart with strength and courage. Larimar removes self-imposed constraints and dissolves self-sabotaging behavior, guiding the soul onto its true pathway in life.Larimar's unique connection to the sea aligns it with the divine feminine energy, promoting healing and enhancing one's connection to the healing power of the ocean.


Lava Stone - Igniting Transformation and Rebirth:

Lava Stone, a symbol of the flame within, ignites a transformative journey, allowing the burning away of fears to follow one's true path. It serves as a stone of rebirth, shedding unnecessary emotions and unhealthy attachments. The use of Lava Stone as a diffuser, especially with essential oils, enhances its purifying properties, marking a shift in vibrations and an acceptance of change.Lava Stone, with its porous nature, is a wonderful carrier of essential oil aromas, enhancing not only its metaphysical properties but also providing an aromatherapy experience.


Lemon Quartz - Manifesting Abundance and Clarity:

Lemon Quartz, employed to focus thoughts and sharpen the mind, transcends its role by turning negativity into positive energy. Beyond this, it creates a clearing and uplifting effect, boosting creativity, self-esteem, and self-expression. Lemon Quartz, with its vibrant energy, deepens the ability to live life fully and serves as a great stone for manifesting abundance, prosperity, luck, and overall well-being.

Lemon Quartz is associated with the solar plexus chakra, promoting a sense of personal power and strength.


Leopard Skin Jasper - Connecting with Nature's Wisdom:

Leopard Skin Jasper serves as a guide in spiritual discovery, facilitating a connection with the animal kingdom on both physical and spiritual planes. It aids in the discovery of personal animal totems or power animals, fostering an understanding of how to work with them. This stone stabilizes those in chaotic energies, promotes self-healing, and serves as a reminder of the importance of mutual support.

Leopard Skin Jasper is often seen as a stone of vitality and strength, embodying the energy of the animal spirits it represents.


Lepidolite - The Tranquil Peace Stone:

Lepidolite, a type of lithium mica known as the peace stone, extends its influence beyond tranquility. It encourages the setting and attainment of goals, provides protection from outside influences, and relieves everyday stress while promoting restful sleep. Lepidolite attracts good luck, dispelling negativity, and can be laid on painful parts of the body for its soothing properties.Lepidolite is recognized for its high lithium content, making it a natural mood stabilizer and an excellent support for those dealing with anxiety or depression.


Lithium Phantom Quartz - Elevation and Purification:

Lithium Phantom Quartz, a natural antidepressant, possesses powerful healing energies that gently lift underlying conditions of depression, neutralizing ancient anger and grief. Beyond its influence on mental well-being, it acts as an excellent cleanser for the chakras and has the unique ability to purify water. Additionally, it serves as a potent healer for plants and animals.Lithium Phantom Quartz's purifying qualities extend beyond the metaphysical, making it a practical tool for creating energetically cleansed environments.

Magnesite - Tranquil Wisdom and Heartful Love:

Magnesite, a stone that induces relaxation and aids in meditation, goes beyond its calming influence. It enhances visualization and imagery, opening the heart to stimulate heartfelt love and self-love. Magnesite promotes a positive attitude, encouraging the ego to step back and teaches the art of attentive listening. This stone allows for tolerance of emotional stress and nervousness.Magnesite is often associated with the crown chakra, facilitating a connection to higher states of consciousness during meditation.


Magnesium Ore - Lightness and Stability:

Magnesium ore, known for being the lightest structural metal, brings not just physical lightness but also metaphorical weightlessness. Its silvery-white appearance, forming feather-like crystals, symbolizes a release of life's negative weight. Beyond calming stress, magnesium ore brings balance and stability, paving the way for happiness and a positive attitude. The unique lightweight property of magnesium ore aligns it with a sense of buoyancy, promoting emotional lightness and mental clarity.


Magnetic Health Bracelets - Neural Harmony and Pain Relief:

Magnetic Health Bracelets, utilized as a non-medical treatment, extend their influence to potential biological benefits. They may positively impact the neural system, heart function, circulation, and the immune system. These bracelets are believed to enhance the body's natural healing process and may even block pain signals to the brain. Note: Keep them away from credit cards and pacemakers. Magnetic therapy has roots in ancient civilizations and is believed to have a harmonizing effect on the body's energy.


Malachite - Transformation and Heart Harmony:

Malachite, a stone of profound transformation, delves into core problems while fostering balance and harmony in the heart. It supports friendships, breaking unwanted ties and patterns. Malachite opens the heart to unconditional love and spiritual guidance, bringing deep emotional healing and releasing negative and traumatic experiences.Malachite's rich green color makes it a potent heart chakra stone, symbolizing growth and renewal.


Mangano Calcite - Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance:

Mangano Calcite, known as the Stone of Forgiveness, transcends its name by releasing fear and grief that anchor the heart in the past. Beyond forgiveness, it nurtures self-worth and self-acceptance, dissolving resistance. This loving energy lifts tension and anxiety, prevents nightmares, and heals nervous conditions.Mangano Calcite is often associated with the heart chakra, promoting compassion and unconditional love.


Moldavite - Cosmic Catalyst for Spiritual Growth:

Moldavite, born from a celestial collision, becomes a catalyst for spiritual growth and transformation. Gazing into its unique structure can shift consciousness, transcending time and connecting to the highest spiritual dimensions. This stone imparts knowledge of what is needed in the present to prevent future destruction.Moldavite's extraterrestrial origin contributes to its powerful energy and association with rapid spiritual evolution.


Mookaite Jasper - Aboriginal Wisdom and Inner Calm:

Mookaite Jasper, sacred to Australian Aboriginals, offers a desire for new experiences coupled with deep calmness. This flexible stone encourages versatility, pointing out possibilities and aiding in wise choices. Physically stabilizing, it fortifies the immune system and facilitates wound healing.Mookaite Jasper's connection to the earth aligns it with grounding energies, enhancing stability.


Moonstone - New Beginnings and Emotional Mastery:

Moonstone, a harbinger of new beginnings, delves into deep emotional healing. It calms reactions and triggers, improving emotional intelligence. Placed on the solar plexus, it draws out old emotional patterns for understanding and dissolution. Moonstone encourages lucid dreaming, especially during the full moon.Moonstone's connection to the moon symbolizes the cyclical nature of life and emotional rhythms.


Morganite - Heart Alchemy and Self-Love:

Morganite, a magician of the heart, transcends its label by inviting love inward. It fills the heart with self-love, self-respect, and self-care. Beyond matters of the heart, Morganite nurtures communication, releases hindrances to happiness, and addresses emotional needs uniquely for each individual.

Additional Information: Morganite is often associated with the heart chakra, making it a powerful stone for matters of love and compassion.


Moss Agate - Nature's Harmony and Abundance:

Moss Agate, a stabilizing stone deeply connected with nature, refreshes the soul and reveals beauty in all things. Beyond its stabilizing influence, it's a stone of new beginnings, attracting abundance. Moss Agate strengthens positive traits, encourages trust, and speeds up recovery while boosting the immune system.

Additional Information: Moss Agate is associated with grounding and nature-based energies, aligning with the earth's rejuvenating power.


Muscovite - Visionary Insights and Emotional Balance:

Muscovite, a visionary stone, transcends its name by helping recognize projections and appreciate lessons from the future and past. This stone dissolves insecurity, self-doubt, anger, and nervous stress. It facilitates clear expression of thoughts and feelings.Muscovite is associated with the crown chakra, fostering a connection to higher realms of intuition.

Navajo Sandstone - Earthy Creativity and Transformation:

Navajo Sandstone, a Utah souvenir, embodies a mix of quartz and feldspar. A cheerful and creative stone, it blends elements to ground and transform, symbolizing resilience. Navajo Sandstone brings deep earth power, encouraging personal strength and transformation.Navajo Sandstone, with its vibrant colors, is linked to the earth's creative forces and geological history.


Nepal Quartz - Spiritual Harmony and Joyful Energies:

Nepal Quartz, sometimes displaying rust or black specs, extends beyond its geographical origin. These crystals, often master record keepers, bring spiritual energy and peace to the emotional system. They foster joy in all aspects of life, bond like-minded souls, and allow access to ancient information.Nepal Quartz is prized for its high energy vibrations and clarity, making it a valuable tool for meditation.

Nuummite - Chakra Aligner and Protector

Nuummite, a potent stone, unfolds its healing properties by opening and activating chakras, eliminating blockages that hinder spiritual growth. Beyond its physical realm impact, it serves as a formidable companion for navigating times of change, instilling strength, and fostering perseverance. The circular electro-magnetic energy field it emanates acts as a shield, connecting the crown and root chakras. This connectivity acts as a protective force, shielding against negativity and promoting a harmonious energy flow. In moments of discomfort or pain, Nuummite stands as a stalwart energy source, offering relief and fortitude.

Obsidian - Rapid Growth and Solid Support

Obsidian, a swift and powerful operator, catalyzes personal growth, offering steadfast support on the journey. Its remarkable speed in effecting change is matched only by its role as a protective force, adept at shielding against negativity. For individuals navigating heightened sensitivities, Obsidian acts as a guardian, drawing out mental stress and tension. It not only supports growth but also provides clarity on one's identity, aiding in the profound understanding of self.


Olive Opal - Mind Realignment and Spiritual Connection

Olive Opal, a stone of rejuvenation, goes beyond mere aesthetics to reorient the mind, infusing everyday life with profound spirituality. Beyond its surface beauty, this gem facilitates access to one's true self, fostering a deep understanding of personal potential. It is a teacher of responsibility, encouraging individuals to take charge of their emotions and project positive intentions. In this process, Olive Opal acts as a beacon for aligning with spiritual energies.


OM Symbol - Gateway to Cosmic Consciousness

The "OM" symbol, iconic in its representation, serves as a gateway to cosmic consciousness. With meanings ranging from the ultimate reality to divine principles, it is a key element in spiritual practices like yoga and meditation. Chanted or sung, the symbol embodies the entirety of the universe, facilitating a connection with the supreme spirit. In essence, the "OM" symbol encapsulates and represents the vast expanse of consciousness.


Onyx - Strength Amidst Turbulence

Onyx, a stone of strength, unfolds its supportive properties in times of confusion and stress. It is a steadfast ally during mental and physical challenges, guiding individuals toward a mastery of their destiny. More than just a protective shield, Onyx delves into the realm of emotional healing. It becomes a healer of old grief, sorrow, and a centering force, aligning energies with higher powers.


Opal - Catalyst for Change and Self-Discovery

Opal, a catalyst for change, empowers individuals to access their true selves, fostering originality and dynamic creativity. It enhances self-worth and illuminates the journey to understanding one's full potential. This gem, beyond being aesthetically captivating, promotes the will to live and encourages the expression of positive emotions. It is a facilitator of change and progress.


Opalite - Communication and Calming Energy

Opalite, a beautiful borosilicate glass, radiates subtle yet highly energetic vibes. Symbolic of communication and calming energy, Opalite finds its place in meditation practices. The vibrant colors and reflective milky-ness make it easy to get lost in, offering a serene escape. Its energy resonates with communication and tranquility, making it a valuable companion in spiritual journeys.


Orange Calcite - Energizer for Lower Chakras

Orange Calcite, a highly energizing stone, focuses on cleansing the lower chakras. Beyond its cleansing abilities, it balances emotions, dispels fear, and overcomes depression. It serves as a problem-solving force, maximizing potential and heightening energy levels. A room cleanser, Orange Calcite is an aid in becoming more energetically vibrant on all levels.


Orange Selenite - Clarity, Protection, and Stability

Orange Selenite, beyond its aesthetic appeal, brings clarity and higher guidance. Anchoring the light body into the earth's vibration, it acts as a protective shield, offering stability and grounding. It serves as a conscious guide, unraveling subconscious dynamics. This powerful stabilizer calms erratic emotions, providing both calmness and energizing effects.


Orthoceras - Fossilized Wisdom and Root Chakra Resonance

Orthoceras, a fossilized cephalopod of ancient origin, holds healing powers that resonate with the root chakra. A promoter of health, it reduces toxins, stress, and anxiety. Its influence extends to grounding, increasing confidence, and stimulating the mind, fostering openness and innovation. The fossil, symbolizing death and rebirth, becomes a conduit for ancient wisdom and transformation.

Palo Santo Incense - Spiritual Cleansing and Protection

Palo Santo Incense, known as "holy wood," transcends its aromatic qualities to become a spiritual remedy. Revered by Indigenous cultures, it is employed for purifying, cleansing, and dispelling negative energies, evil spirits, misfortune, or calamity. A profound cleanser of bad energy, it acts as a spiritual protector and bearer of good luck.


Papaya Quartz - Rare Energetic Filtering and Spiritual Enhancement

Papaya Quartz, with its extremely rare orange rutilations, connects energies from the heart, solar plexus, and third eye. It becomes a filter, sifting negative energy and facilitating the release of the past. In its rarity, it opens creative centers, enhances self-love, and strengthens intuition. A crystal of spiritual growth, Papaya Quartz serves as a unique guide in the journey of self-discovery.


Peach Quartz - Bridging Dreams and Reality

Peach Quartz, beyond its aesthetic allure, serves as a bridge between dreams and reality. It guides individuals in understanding and connecting their dreams to their lived experiences. This stone, a supporter of self-respect, independence, creativity, and sociability, aids in expressing emotions and reclaiming personal power.


PEACOCK ROCK (Bornite) - Harmonizer and Joyful Renewal

PEACOCK ROCK, or Bornite, brings freshness and newness to life's experiences. It serves as a catalyst for releasing what is no longer useful and recognizing and accepting grief. Beyond this, it conveys a message of joyful living, protecting against negativity, and harmonizing the cellular structure of the body.


Pearl - Symbol of Purity and Spiritual Focus

Pearl, a symbol of purity, transcends its aesthetic elegance to enhance personal integrity and focus. It provides a clear channel for connecting with spiritual guidance, bringing truth to situations and loyalty to causes. Inhibiting boisterous behavior, it serves as a reflective mirror of the self.


Peridot - Growth, Confidence, and Stress Reduction

Peridot, a crystal of growth, emphasizes the counterproductivity of clinging to the past. It promotes necessary change, enhancing confidence and assertion without aggression. A catalyst for personal responsibility, Peridot dismantles jealousy, resentment, and anger, contributing to stress reduction and emotional balance.


Petrified Wood - Transformational Strength and Grounding

Petrified Wood, the "transformation stone," becomes a source of strength and grounding across all life aspects. In moments of crisis, it provides support and insight, unraveling the "why" behind suffering and the lessons learned. A nurturing force, it alleviates hostilities, enhances generosity, responsiveness, and receptivity.


Phantom Quartz - Healing Initiator and Spiritual Connector

Phantom Quartz, adorned with triangular and pyramidal formations within its crystals, serves as an initiator of healing. It excels in meditation, connecting individuals with higher realms of knowledge and spirit guides. When delving into personal issues, its unique structure aids in introspection and self-discovery.


Picasso Stone (Marbleized Limestone) - Stabilizer and Transformer

Picasso Stone, a stabilizer during change and transformation, attracts strength and perseverance. Beyond its stabilizing role, it fosters the development of creative talents. Offering an understanding of chosen destinies, it grounds and calms, making it an ideal companion for meditation. By reducing everyday anxiety and stress, it facilitates a smoother journey through transformative phases.


Pietersite - Supportive Truth Revealer and Vision Stimulator

Pietersite, an exceptionally supportive stone, serves as a revealer of personal truths. Ideal for deep meditations, it swiftly accesses heightened states of awareness. Stimulating the third eye, it taps into intuition and promotes profound spiritual visions. In this process, it establishes a link with inner loving guidance.


Pineapple Quartz - Group Harmony and Energy Transmutation

Pineapple Quartz, excellent for group dynamics, brings energy together while offering protective properties. Acting as a shield for the aura, it transmutes negative energy. In times of loss, it eases grief, bringing calmness and peace while lowering fear. Fostering unity and willingness to work together, it becomes a beneficial force for families, communities, or businesses.


Pink Amethyst - Compassionate Soother and Wisdom Catalyst

Pink Amethyst, especially beneficial during times of grief, sadness, and anxiety, serves as a compassionate soother. It guides individuals to adopt a non-judgmental attitude, promoting love and acceptance. Beyond its protective qualities, it aids in releasing emotional traumas and encourages a higher perspective, facilitating actions grounded in love and wisdom.


Pink Opal - Sacred Renewal and Emotional Cleanser

Pink Opal, a renewer of sacred connections, facilitates meditation and spiritual awakening. Attracting creative aspects from the universe, it activates inner healing and guides individuals on the journey of life. With its deepening insight into emotional issues, Pink Opal becomes a cleanser of the mind and heart-space.


Pink Tourmaline - Love Magnet and Emotional Healer

Pink Tourmaline, a magnet for love in both the physical and spiritual realms, cleanses the heart chakra. Combining love and spirituality, it serves as a reminder of the safety in love and the necessity of self-love. Dissolving emotional pain, it promotes peace, relaxation, compassion, and opens individuals to profound healing.


Prehnite - Universal Energy Connector and Healer's Ally

Prehnite, a universal energy connector in meditation, establishes contact with the higher self. Alleviating deep fears, it seals the aura and brings peace, protection, and unconditional love to the environment. Beyond its role in personal healing, Prehnite enhances precognition and inner knowing, ensuring preparedness for life's challenges.


Purple Grape Agate (Botryoidal Purple Chalcedony) - Rare Inspirational Key

Purple Grape Agate, a rare gem, alleviates hostility, irritability, and sadness. It holds the key to unlocking answers and connecting with inner inspiration. Particularly beneficial for those in creative fields, it stands as a magnificent piece offering profound insights.


Pyrite - Energy Shield and Positive Stimulator

Pyrite, an excellent energy shield, operates on all levels to block negative energy pollutants. Positivity emanates from this stone, overcoming fatigue, melancholy, and feelings of inadequacy. It taps into latent abilities, stimulating the flow of ideas and improving memory and recall. In its reflective surface, it becomes a mirror for self-empowerment.

Quartz - Energy Purifier and Spiritual Attuner

Quartz, the master crystal, transcends energy to its most perfect state. This crystal attunes to the specific vibrational level of each person, giving them the energy requirements needed for healing or undertaking spiritual journeys. It also acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting your physical dimension with the mind.

Rainbow Obsidian - Gentle Teacher of Spiritual Nature

Rainbow Obsidian, one of the gentler obsidians, possesses strong protective properties. It teaches you about your spiritual nature, cutting the cords of old love and removing hooks that others have left in the heart, replenishing it. This crystal absorbs negative energy from the aura and draws stress from the body.


Red Aventurine - Vitality and Creativity Booster

Red Aventurine enhances vitality, courage, and creativity. It is good for grounding, stimulating action and confidence. This crystal brings resilience and aids in taking initiative and manifesting goals. It supports passion, determination, and positive decision-making.


Red Jasper - Grounding Energy and Insightful Revelation

Red Jasper gently stimulates grounding energy, strengthens boundaries, and rectifies unjust situations. It brings problems to light before they become overwhelming, offering insight into the most challenging situations. A great "worry stone," it calms emotions when played with and enhances dream recall under a pillow.


Red Quartz - Energizing Mind and Spirit

Red Quartz, radiating red from deposits of hematite, emits a strong physical energy field that energizes the mind and spirit. Holding this crystal can quickly "wake up" your energy systems, providing powerful grounding that creates a sense of strength while diminishing fear.


Red Tiger Eye - Manifestation and Practical Perception

Red Tiger Eye is a protective stone that grounds while facilitating the manifestation of your will. It helps recognize faults that need overcoming, enhances practical perceptions, and aids in collecting scattered information, making a coherent whole. This crystal stimulates motivation and helps overcome fatigue.


Rhodochrosite - Heart Healing and Emotional Stress Soother

Rhodochrosite is for relationships and the heart. It improves self-worth, soothes emotional stress, and helps assimilate painful feelings without shutting down. This crystal identifies ongoing patterns, reveals the purpose behind experiences, and lifts depressed moods, bringing lightness into life.


Rhodonite - Heart Chakra Activation and Emotional Balance

Rhodonite stimulates, clears, and activates the heart chakra. It heals emotional shock and panic, lending supportive energy to the soul. Beneficial during emotional self-destruction, codependency, betrayal, abandonment, and abuse, Rhodonite builds confidence and balances emotions.


Root Beer Calcite - Transformation and Happiness Inducer

Root Beer Calcite, a major energy transformer, dissolves the old to make way for the new. It encourages finding more happiness in life, showing prosperity and opportunities for growth. This crystal brings confidence, creativity, and grounding while opening and recharging your chakras.


Rose Quartz - Unconditional Love and Deep Healing

Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, purifies and opens the heart at all levels. It brings deep inner healing, calming reassurance, and trauma recovery. This crystal draws off negative energy, replacing it with loving vibes, especially beneficial for those enduring grief, sadness, and anxiety.


Ruby in Fuchsite - Heart Strengthening and Spiritual Transmission

Ruby in Fuchsite resonates strongly with Earth's energy, opening, healing, and strengthening the heart. It encourages speaking from the heart and serves as a powerful yet gentle meditation stone, transmitting messages from the third eye to the heart.


Ruby in Zoisite - Talent Amplification and Spiritual Connection

Ruby in Zoisite increases the ability to reach and utilize talents and abilities of the mind. It amplifies the body's energy field, stimulates the crown chakra, and supports connection to spirit. Commonly used in diagnostic healing, it recognizes individuality while maintaining connectedness with humanity.


Ruby - Passion Encouragement and Negative Energy Shield

Ruby encourages passion for life without self-destruction. It improves motivation, setting realistic goals. This crystal acts as a powerful shield against the vampirism of heart energy while promoting positive dreams and clear visualization. Ruby removes anything negative from your path.


Rudraksha Seed - Symbol of Divine Tears and Spiritual Sanctifier

Rudraksha seeds, with "rudra" meaning Shiva, the Hindu god of all living creatures, are used for meditation purposes. According to legend, the tears Shiva shed grew the rudraksha tree, and these seeds sanctify the mind, body, and soul in Hindu and Buddhist practices.


Rutilated Quartz - Spiritual Growth Promoter and Aura Cleanser

Rutilated Quartz promotes spiritual growth and cleanses the aura. It aids astral travel, facilitates contact with the highest spiritual guidance, and helps let go of the past. This crystal is great for therapists as it filters negative energy from others and soothes dark moods, releasing fears, phobias, and anxiety.

Sage or Palo Santo - Space Cleansing and Energy Enhancement

Burn White Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse or bless your living space, especially when energy is low, or you've been around negative people or situations. It establishes positive energy, clear thinking, harmony, and healing.


Sapphire - Mind Balancer and Blessings Attractor

Sapphire is a balancing stone that calms and focuses the mind, releasing unwanted thoughts and replacing them with serenity. It brings prosperity and blessings into your life, making it easier to move past depression into a place of purity and light. Sapphire dissolves frustration, encourages self-expression, and helps speak your truth.


Scepter Quartz - Ancient Tool for Meditation and Healing

Scepter Quartz, said to have been used in Atlantis and Lemuria, is a very special stone. It facilitates channeling high vibrations, serves as an excellent healing tool, directs energy to the core of a problem, and frees the mind from false illusions, bringing it to a point of stillness.


Scolecite - High Vibrational Peace Inducer and Energy Flow Unblocker

Scolecite is a powerful high vibrational crystal that awakens the heart, blends energy with higher chakras, and makes a deeper spiritual connection. It breaks through stagnant energy, allows the free flow of energy through the entire chakra system and aura, bringing deep, relaxing peace.


Selenite - Clarity Bringer and Emotional Stabilizer

Selenite brings clarity and higher guidance, anchoring the light body into our earth vibration. It forms a protective grid in space or around the body, making it an excellent calming stone for meditation. Selenite brings a conscious understanding of what’s happening at the subconscious level and is a powerful stabilizer for erratic emotions.


Serpentine - Control and Compassion Enhancer:

Serpentine can help you feel more in control of your life, promoting compassion and forgiveness for yourself. It brings you in contact with angelic guidance, is excellent for pain relief, and assists in the conscious direction of healing energy toward problem areas.


Shell - Vacated homes of sea creatures: 

Used to stimulate intuition, sensitivity, imagination & adaptability. Provides insight during decision-making. Promotes cooperation between the self & others. Protects against uncooperative attitudes & actions. Additionally, it's associated with the element of water, fostering emotional healing and a deep connection to the subconscious.


Shiva Lingams - Egg-shaped stones found in the Narmada Valley in India. This stone resonates with earth, air, water & fire. Used to charge the entire chakra system, activate kundalini energies, boost vitality & fertility, enhance inner transformation, break up old patterns & open the path for new life. Shiva Lingams are also believed to carry the energy of Lord Shiva, symbolizing the merging of male and female energies.


Shungite - The Ancient ”stone of life”. It’s of great scientific interest, being the only natural source of fullerenes, which are a molecular powerhouse of healing, purifying, cleansing, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties. It also protects the body from many harmful energies, including EMFs. Shungite is known for its ability to neutralize and transmute negative energies, making it a powerful protective stone.


Singing Quartz - Imbued with the ancient force that created the Universe, resonating a high pitched vibration when two are gently brought together. Instills a sense of happiness & acceptance of one's place in the here & now. Provides extraordinary communication with vibrational consciousness. In meditation, it's known to facilitate a deep connection with universal energies and higher states of consciousness.


Smoky Amethyst - Nurturing healing stone that brings strength & a grounding spiritual energy. Dissolves sadness, stress, grief & fear, bringing positive vibrations to fill the space. This gentle stone helps one get through the toughest of times, allowing for emotional centering & a clear mind, prepared to face anything. It's especially potent for aligning the spiritual and emotional bodies.


Smoky Quartz - One of the most efficient grounding stones & a superb antidote to stress. Teaches how to leave behind anything that no longer serves you. Relieves fear, alleviates nightmares, lifts depression & brings emotional calmness. Assists in tolerating difficulties with poise & self-confidence. Known for its protective qualities, it's often used to transmute negative energies.


SnowFlake Obsidian - Works extremely fast & with great powers. Allows growth & lends solid support while we do so. Strong protective stone, shielding negativity. Helpful for highly sensitive people. Draws out mental stress, tension & brings up the reasons for it. Helps you know who you truly are. Additionally, it's associated with the winter season and is believed to enhance clarity during introspection.


Snow Quartz (quartzite) - Gives support while learning lessons and helps gently let go of overwhelming responsibilities & limitations. Enhances tact & cooperation and helps think before speaking. Links you into a deep inner wisdom during meditation. It can overcome martyrdom & victimhood. It symbolizes purity and is often used in meditation to access higher states of consciousness.


Sodalite - Can help the mind understand circumstances that you are in. Instills a drive for truth, making it possible to remain true to yourself & stand up for your beliefs. It calms the mind & allows for new information to be received. Helps calm panic attacks. Increases self-esteem & self-acceptance. Additionally, it's associated with enhancing communication and is known to stimulate mental clarity.


Spirit Flower Geode - Comprising chalcedony, fluorite & quartz, it glows green under shortwave UV 254NM. Helpful for inner work, emotional healing. Its peaceful loving energies cleanse the shadows of old wounds & attachments. A wellspring of love/serenity that can bring out the heart's wisdom. Helps make love a greater part of your daily life. Supports inner clarity of mind & emotional stability.


Spirit Quartz - Exceptionally uplifting spiritual stone, opening crown/ higher crown chakras & heightening awareness. Heals discord, instilling patience & overcoming obsessive behavior. Encourages insightful dreams that can reframe the past. Vibrates to universal love, promoting self-forgiveness. Additionally, it is believed to enhance the energy of a space and foster a harmonious environment.


Strawberry Phantom Quartz - Helps view all life’s experiences with love & joy. Creating a heart-centered awareness & allows for life to be lived with appreciation & gratitude. Helps connect with spirit guides. Creates a loving environment, stabilizing unbalanced energy fields & providing guidance to the higher heart. The strawberry phantom inclusion is associated with sweetness and positive transformation.


Staurolite - Known as the fairy cross & is said to be formed from the tears fairies shed when they heard of Christ's death. It is protective & used for good luck. Exceptionally useful in stress relief. Excellent for those wishing to stop smoking, helping to understand hidden reasons behind the addiction to nicotine. Staurolite is also known as a talisman for travelers, believed to protect against accidents and encourage safe journeys.


Sugilite - A major "love stone" represents spiritual love & wisdom. Protects the soul from shock, trauma, & disappointment. Helps bring light & love into the darkest situations. Helps you face up to unpleasant matters. Alleviates sorrow, grief, fear & promotes self-forgiveness. Sugilite is also associated with the third eye and crown chakras, facilitating spiritual awareness and insight.


Sunstone - If life's sweetness has been lost, it will help restore it. Brings light & energy into all of the chakras. Allows the real self to shine through happily. Positive stone, linked to luck & good fortune. Extremely useful for removing hooks that others have left in you. Helps overcome the difficulty of saying “NO”. Sunstone is also known for its association with joy and personal power.


Super 7 - A rare crystal containing a magical combo of 7 minerals. A little powerhouse crystal. Removes blocks & transforms you into more open-minded & open-hearted. Brings protection, release of negative emotions & past patterns, & purifies the soul, allowing you to reach a place of clarity, focus, creativity & positivity. (Amethyst, cacoxenite, rutile, goethite, lepidocrocite, smoky & clear quartz.) The Super 7 is considered a crystal of higher consciousness, connecting the bearer to spiritual insights and transformation.

Tangerine Quartz - Beyond fostering inner growth, Tangerine Quartz serves as a catalyst for profound self-understanding, fostering acceptance without judgment. It doesn't just balance the sacral chakra; it awakens a flowing creativity, urging the release of self-imposed limitations. Tangerine Quartz is not just a crystal; it's a guide encouraging forgiveness and the liberation from past traumas, enabling a manifestation of spirit into tangible reality.


Tanzanite - With vibrations reaching celestial heights, Tanzanite establishes connections with angelic realms and ascended masters. It transcends mere gemstone status; it becomes a conduit for spiritual journeys, deep meditation, and an illuminated mind. Tanzanite is not just a stone; it's a guide in overcoming the shadows of depression and anxiety, replacing them with profound trust and poise.


Tektite (Space Glass) - Beyond its cosmic allure, Tektite serves as a bridge between creativity and matter, aiding in the release of undesirable experiences. It doesn't just remember lessons learned; it propels growth through its heart-centered approach to problem-solving. Tektite is not just space glass; it's a communicator with other worlds, facilitating the absorption and retention of higher knowledge.


Tibetan Jewelry - Crafted with ancestral techniques, Tibetan jewelry transcends adornment; it becomes a cultural emissary. Originating from a refuge-seeking journey from Tibet to Nepal, these pieces encapsulate a rich heritage. Wearing Tibetan jewelry isn't just a fashion statement; it's a way of sharing and preserving a legacy with the world.


Tiffany Stone - Found only in the Utah deserts, Tiffany Stone becomes a rare guide, fostering openness, persistence, and emotional strength. It’s not just a gem; it assists in navigating life's transitions and enhances intuition, connecting to higher dimensions. Tiffany Stone opens not just the higher crown chakra but portals to multi-dimensional realms.


Tiger's Eye - Beyond its captivating appearance, Tiger's Eye is an empowerment stone, dispelling self-doubt and blocked creativity. It's not just for the spaced-out; it's a healer of self-worth issues, recognizing needs, and promoting addictive personality change. Tiger's Eye doesn’t just promote clarity; it's a guide in recognizing and utilizing inner resources.


Tiger Iron - As a balancing force, Tiger Iron becomes a stalwart companion, providing strength amidst life's fluctuations. It's not just for vitality; it's an artistic stimulant, bringing creative abilities to the surface. Tiger Iron doesn’t merely stimulate physical energy; it metaphorically puts a tiger in your tank, ready for life's adventures.


TOPAZ - More than a stone of love, Topaz becomes a director of energy, highlighting goals and inner resources. It goes beyond dispelling doubt; it brings joy, abundance, and emotional support. Topaz isn't just a gem; it enables you not just to "do" but to "be," promoting self-realization and control.


Tourmalinated Quartz - Far beyond grounding negativity, Tourmalinated Quartz transforms thoughts into positivity, releasing tension. It integrates and heals shadow energies, offering a shield against outside influences. It's not just a problem-solving tool; it's a transformative ally, alleviating self-sabotage and fostering positive change.


Tourmaline - Beyond purifying the aura, Tourmaline is a balancer, promoting self-confidence and diminishing fear. It's not just protective; it transmutes negative thought patterns into positive inspirations. Tourmaline doesn’t merely shield; it radiates balanced energy, attracting inspiration and self-assurance.


Traditional Singing Bowl - Crafted with ancestral mantras, these bowls transcend their musicality; they become carriers of cultural heritage. Crafted by Nepali families, each strike isn’t just a note; it's an infusion of tradition, making each bowl special and unique. Owning a Traditional Singing Bowl is more than having an instrument; it’s participating in a timeless cultural legacy.

Tree of Life - Symbolizing interconnectedness and growth, the Tree of Life becomes a profound representation of self-discovery. It's not just a symbol; it's a reminder of strength, endurance, and familial connections. Wearing the Tree of Life isn't just adornment; it's embracing a story of continuous growth, wisdom, and new beginnings.


Turquoise - More than a healer, Turquoise enhances communication and creative problem-solving. It doesn’t just protect; it instills inner calm while keeping you alert. Wearing Turquoise isn’t just adorning a gem; it’s carrying a powerful talisman for holistic well-being and spiritual expression.

Unakite Jasper - As a stone of vision, Unakite Jasper stabilizes the aura and becomes an all-around healer. It’s not just blocking negative energy; it's a connector to Earth’s healing vibrations. Unakite Jasper isn’t just inducing peace and calmness; it's facilitating the rebirth of the soul, releasing what no longer serves the higher path.

Vajra (Indestructible Thunderbolt) - The Vajra symbolizes the transformative power of spiritual enlightenment, propelling us along our path. It's not merely a weapon against ignorance; it's a beacon illuminating the truth, dispelling negativity and suffering. Through its indestructible nature, it guides us towards a state free from ego, where suffering ceases to exist. The Vajra was wielded by the King of the gods, Indra, to slay Asura, representing negative energies within ourselves.


Vanadinite - Beyond assisting in goal-setting, Vanadinite bridges the gap between thought and manifestation, guiding awareness towards inner wisdom. Its energy channels universal forces, infusing meditation with profound insights. Vanadinite doesn’t just fill the gap between thoughts and intellect; it opens internal channels to receive an influx of divine energy.


Vesuvianite - Utilized for mental stability, Vesuvianite clears negative patterns and emotions, fostering emotional balance and clarity. It facilitates access to the higher self and encourages cooperative efforts, making it ideal for partnerships and collaborations. Vesuvianite isn't just a stabilizer; it's a catalyst for unlocking mental faculties and harmonizing relationships.


12 Sided Vogel Cut - These precision-cut crystals serve as conduits for focused consciousness, facilitating the creation of shared realities. They amplify intentions and manifest desires with remarkable efficiency. The 12-sided Vogel cut isn't just a crystal; it's a powerful tool for accessing infinite possibilities and accelerating manifestation.

Wisdom Eyes Symbol - Representing Buddha's omniscience, the Wisdom Eyes symbol embodies spiritual awakening and unity. The dot between the eyes signifies the third eye, while the curly line symbolizes oneness. It's not just a symbol; it's a reminder of the omnipresence of spirit and the interconnectedness of all things.


Wulfenite - Beyond activating personal will, Wulfenite clears mental fog, providing clarity to pursue dreams. It instills confidence and determination, propelling you towards success. Wulfenite doesn’t just boost confidence; it empowers you to embrace change and achieve your highest potential.

Yellow Fluorite - Enhancing creativity and balance, Yellow Fluorite fosters cooperation and mental acuity. It's not just a stabilizer; it's a catalyst for self-confidence and physical coordination. Yellow Fluorite doesn’t just enhance creativity; it teaches the importance of harmonizing energies and embracing artfulness.

Zincite - Beyond reenergizing the body, Zincite ignites creativity and courage, empowering you to face challenges with strength. It propels you towards your full potential and facilitates necessary transformations. Zincite isn't just an energizer; it's a catalyst for embracing change and embracing a positive mindset.