Use Gift Card with Booker **internal use only**

Use Gift Card with Booker **internal use only**

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1- Create an order in booker like normal. Once all items have been added to the order, take note of the subtotal cost before taxes.

 2- Go to

 in a new tab on your internet browser.

3- Add the amount of the order total by clicking on each dollar amount in the drop down and then add it to the shoping cart. Click “checkout“ when the noted amount from booker has been reached. (Cost before taxes *Taxes will be added automatically during checkout)

4- Type 8013556300 (under contact information) and select pick-up (under delivery method). Then continue to payment. 

5- Enter the giftcard number and click blue arrow to apply. It should zero out the total amount of the order.

6- Add billing info as follows and submit order:

first name: H

last name M

address: 363

city: slc

state: UT

zip: 801-355-6300

7-Go back to the order you created in booker and under the payment section click on the “paypal“ tab.  enter this email: HMCRYSTALS@AOL.COM   and the amount should be auto populated. (If not then enter full order total amount)